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At Skehanagh Stables we provide a number of services. With top quality facilities all our horses are welcomed and handled with great expertise. Our range of facilities are:


Sand Circle Gallop - 2 and 1/2 furlongs long


Sand Straight gallop - 7 furlongs long


Schooling Strip - 2 furlongs equipped with 6 jumps


Stables - There are 45 stables in our main yard and we also have 5 separate isolation boxes in our lower yard

12 x Turn out pens

Walkers - 2 x 6 horse walkers


Sand Ring/Loose school Ring


Lunge Ring


Wash bays - Each bay is equipped with rubber lined floors and walls. Each bay also has heated water.


Paddocks - With over 100 acres of grassland, Skehanagh stables is the ideal place to summer graze your horse or rear young stock.


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